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Brian Leek
Aurora, CO

About Me

I work with Python, HTML, CSS, and with the MyBB forum software. I have interest in pretty much anything that is tech related it could be coding, helping someone with tech, repairing and setting up phones and computers, managing websites mostly forums, and anything else.

I first got into web development when I first discovered it when I was around the age of 12 or so and ever since then I been interested in it. The first website I ever created around that time was a basic HTML page with not much CSS and I remember showing it off because I was impressed I put something so little and simple together at the time. Fast forward a few years and I got into forum softwares and started playing around with a lot of the free ones just setting up random forums and seeing how it all worked but one day I came across MyBB which is another open source forum software but I was interested in it because it was easy to use and setup. Not too long after I started browsing all the plugins and themes they had for it. Then I got into creating themes myself most of my work was never finished or lost in some way but I did release a theme called Classic Blue which is an old theme that was used on a popular gaming forum back in 2011 and have done some private work since them. Now I just mostly provide support for users using the forum software to give back to the community.

I also enjoy working with Python and using web frameworks for it such as Flask and Django. One of the first projects I created in Python is called Sileo Native Depiction Generator and all it does is take users input and adds it to a template they select and outputs that file then the user can use it as a native depiction file for their repo.

I also got into creating widgets for the IOS jailbreak community that can be used with XenHTML on a jailbroken iDevice. All a widget is just CSS, HTML, and a little javascript. I do have the plans to develop more widgets in the future. Most of the widgets I create are and will be free and are open source on my GitHub if you want to take a look.

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