What Is Sileo Native Depiction Generator?

Sileo Native Depiction Generator is a very simple and easy to use script that is created in Python that lets you quickly create/generate native depiction files to use for the Sileo application on your repo. The script uses a JSON file with placeholder text inside and when the script runs it creates a copy of that file and replaces the placeholder text with information that the users enters. I created this little project to help developers quickly create depiction files for their packages and to hopefully save them sometime.

Download GitHub

Thank You To The People Who Contributed!

Thanks to anyone who has contributed to Sileo Native Depiction Generator!

Mathsh - Contributed Code - Helped with adding screenshot support.
Jon Betts - Contributed Code - Helped with some code and a question I had.


- Removed some error handling as it was throwing false positives.
- Added full support for screenshots.
- Added 1 new template.
- Fixed bugs.
- Now Removes placeholder text.
- Added more error handling.
- Added support for header image.
- Fixed typos.
- Initial Release.

How To Support The Project?

If you would like to support Sileo Native Depiction Generator but don't know how? You can support this projects development in a few ways:

1. You can tweet me with some sugguestions and ideas @Precutting.
2. You can send a donation to brianleek2016@gmail.com on PayPal or by using my PayPal.me link.
3. You can contributed code to this project. You will be credited for any work you do.